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correct1. vt.及物动词2. adj.形容词 correctly adv.副词 corrected adj.形容词 correction n.名词

词根:keenadv. keenly 敏锐地;强烈地;锐利地n. keenness 敏锐;锐利

形容人的是excited形容物的是excitingexciteda.1. 兴奋的;激动的[(+about/at/over)][+to-v]She was excited to learn the news.她听到这消息很兴奋.She is very excited about winning the first prize.赢得首奖,她激动不已.The excited children

1. competition; competitor; competitive 2. regularly 3. athletic 4. admission 5. responsible 6. advertisement 7. fool; fool 8. hopeful; hope; hope 9. painful; painfully 10. physics; physicist

同义词形容词 adj. 高价的;昂贵的high-priced dear costly反义词形容词 adj. 高价的;奢侈的cheap inexpensive economical

答案是:day (名词)-daily (形容词,意思是: 日常的,每天的)

名词:variety 副词:variously 形容词:various, variable 动词:vary

cook为动词“烹饪,做饭”讲时,其词形有cooking,to cook,cooks,cooked.cook为名词“厨师”时 ,有复数形式cooks.cooker的意思是“炊具”.

consume v. ---consumption n.----consumptive adj.

lively (adj) ['laivli] 活泼的, 活跃的, 栩栩如生的, 真实的名词:liveliness 副词:livelily 副词:livelily 形容词比较级:livelier


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