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on my mothEr s BirthDAy

My Mother's Birthday The sixth of August was my mother's birthday. My father and I wanted to give her surprising birthday presents. On their mothers' birthday, I know some of my classmates are going to help their mothers with

My mother's name is Sam. I'm 11 years old. In my past birthday party, Mother usually bought some interesting books for me and my father usually bought a pair of beautiful shoes for me. I love my gifts.My friends are coming. The boys and girls are

My mother 's birthday My mother is 36 years this year.Do you you what her date of birth is?Oh,let me ask you.Her date of birth is September 14th(根据实际情况).Today is her the thirty-six birthday.We want give her a surprise.My sister 、my father

不对,妈妈只有一个吧,怎么能加复数“s”呢?my mother's birthday is 我妈妈的生日是..

my mother's birthdayToday is my mum's birthday,although I've prepared for a long time,I still can't figured out to buy which kind of gift to her. Last year, I brought her a necklace,but she thought that it's too expensive to me.I finally decided to give her

this sunday is my mother's birthday. i have many ideas .i want to buy some beautiful flowers and some presents for my mother ,and i plan to sing a song and so on .i'd like cook a delicious meal for her .and i want to help her do some cleaning and

妈妈的生日 mother's birthday 小学 today is my mother's birthday. she is thirty years old now. my families held a big celebration for her. many relatives come to my home, so my mother is very happy. she misses them very much. we ate the big dinner

my mother's birthday is on July 20th.it's an important day for our family.on that day,my father and i will hold a family party.We will buy some beautiful flowers for her.Wish my mother a happy woman.

my mother's birthday we were very happy.I bounght some gifts for her,make her pleasant .Of corse,she feel very gratified.In the evening,my family have a party to celebrate

妈妈的生日(my mother's birthday) my mother's birthday is in winter. its february 25th.our family was happy. my brother and i went to birthday cake store and bought a big birthday cake for her. my aunt gave flowers to her. she's very happy. at


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