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Opposed to something

1. bring along 把一起带来 2. bring back 归还 3. bring out 发表,拿出 4. bring up 抚养,呕吐 5. bring on 引起 6. bring in 引来,引进,介绍,收入,领……进来 7. bring forward 提出;提前 (= put forward) 8. bring about 带来,造成 ------------

有啊 be against to sth/do sth ,反对做某事的意思

be against doing sthI am against policemen because it is too dangerous.词组太多,根据不同的动词加上against可以表示总体反对的意思.例如:fight against与.作斗争go against 违反;反对很高兴为你解答!多谢你的

cast doubt on相当于动词doubt be contrary to 相当于短语be opposite of differs from相当于短语be diferent from 希望可以帮你.再看看别人怎么说的.

反对做某事 To do something against it 反对某人做某事 Against a person to do something

make a contribution to,be accustomed to,be used to,prefer to doing,stick to,thanks to, live up to,due to, put one's mind to,be related to,get down to(着手做),object to反对,be oppose to,devote oneself to, attend to,pay attention to,access to,turn to

没有的啊只有be against doing sth. 反对做某事be against sb. doing sth. 告诫某人当心某事/不要做某事

opposition recalcitration oppositional repugnancy repugn oppose deprecation adverseness demur contrary recusation in opposition to have an objection to buck against to oppose to fight against to be opposed to strike a blow against take against

1.his parents are against his plan.2.do not take books in library away!3.you should know more when you play against a good player.4.she works hard to make a living as a shop keeper.5.i do not trust him all the time.6.i must explain what i did to my mum.


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