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peaceful /pisfl/ CET4 TEM41.ADJ Peaceful activities and situations do not involve war. 和平的 (活动、局面) 例:He has attempted to find a peaceful solution to the Ossetian conflict.他曾试图找到一个解决奥塞梯冲突的和平的办法.2.

1.累人的;令人疲倦的 A long walk is very tiring.长时间的走路是很累的.2.教育(方面)的,为教育的;有教育意义的;提供咨询的 Poor health and lack of money may both be barriers to educational progress.身体不好与金钱匮乏都会妨碍学业的

gradual consistent prograss造句 如下:the gradual and consistent progress has far-reaching implications.渐进一致的进展影响深远.

He sat there comfortably. 他舒适地坐在那儿.答题不容易,望采纳,谢谢!!!

beautifully是beautiful的副词,是拿来修饰动词和形容词的!the book is the most beautifully painted one on the shelf.这本书是架上绘画最美的一本.用beautifully来修饰painted (adj.).she danced most beautifully in the contest.她是比赛中跳舞跳得最美的.用beautifully来修饰dance (v.).

frightening: The story you told me is so frightening.你讲的故事很恐怖. The movie I saw yeaterday was frightening.我昨天看的电影太令人害怕了. graduating: Graduating from Peking University is a gr

最简单的:Good morning!I go to school in the morning.

The dove represents peace.

I have a wonderful day. 我度过了美好的一天 The weather has been wonderful.近来天气好极了!

burn 英[b:n] 美[b:rn] vt. (使) 燃烧; vt. 烧伤; 烧毁; 烧坏; 使用某物为燃料; n. 烧伤,烧痕; [造句]Fires were burning out of control in the center of the city.市中心的火势失去了控制.When I arrived one of the vehicles was still burning.

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