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We must make practical use of what we have learned. 我们必须把所学到的知识用到实践中去.

Yet the practical politics of implementing these measures is often tricky.

be no substitute for 造句There is no substitute for practical experience. 实践经验是无法替代的.

1.The castle appears to be taken apart stone by stone ,polished and then built back to predict.4.Compare those two plans ,and you will find the latter is more pratical.(答案

句子原本该是这样的:If they had been done by bad, the millions of calculations involved would have lost all pratical value by the time they finished. “had”部分是个虚拟条件句,表示与过去事实相反.虚拟条件句可以将if省略,后面部分用不完全倒装来代替(也就是一般疑问句的形式).可做插入语,也可以放在主句的前、后.如果是坏人做的,那么参与其中的这几百万次的计算在完成的时候就已经失去现实价值了.


没楼上说得那么复杂.楼主,,,其实悄悄的告诉你.ON在这里的意思与about同.就是关于的意思.另外,((,在哪一方面,表能力的时候用IN__))on achieving that goal 关于实现那个理想 a book on history 关于历史的书a topic on literature 关于文学的话题.

这应该是企业对员工的要求口号 因而可以翻译为Keep manners of praticality and innovativeness for common survival.Make mutual progress in development through win-win credibility.

1.Once they will not work, the land will not be two, three will not fight 2.the former communist members should endure harship before enjoyment 3.China's scientific development is characterized by: integrating theory with practice 4.The purpose of the socialist revolution is to liberate the productive forces

Students can combine internship after graduation and employment. By taking the opportunity of internship, students can actively contact the companies to find jobs. And it means two bi


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