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have problems with 和have problems in doing的区别是什么一、指代不同 1、have problems with:在某方面有问题。2、have problems in doing:做事情有困难。

have problem with是什么意思在…(方面)有问题;同义词:In (aspect) there is a problem 例句:You should have no problem with reading this

haveproblemin还是with?have problem in doing sthhave problem with sth

是problem with sth 还是problem about sth用have a problem with更多:have a problem with writing 写作有困难 We have a problem with definition. 我们的定义有问

the problem of sth和the problem with sth有什么区别_百度英语中没有the problem of, 只有the problem with sth. 问了地道英国人的。the problem with sth 关于sth的问题

have(problems)with与have(problem)with哪个正确have problems with 在……有问题该词组为固定搭配,由于problem为普通可数名词,故需加s. 如:

have problems with 和have problems in doing的区别_百度知区别如下:一、have problems with接名词,指客观上存在的、难以处理或难以理解的问题。例句:1、Early in his life Degas began

the problem of和the problem with有什么关系,通俗一点前者是什么性质的问题,多指问题己定性,the problem of communication沟通问题 ,the problem with 指具体在哪里出现问题,哪个人有

have problems with还是in?都可以,have problems with 加名词或代词;have problems in doing something problem 英 ['prɒ

have problem with什么意思及同义词have problem with =have trouble in =have difficulty in 意思是 做某事有问题 满意我的回答吗?请记得点击【采纳满意】为我点

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