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Betray. Rebell against.

If the world betrays you, I will stand behind you rebelled against the world

我的茶凉了,为什么…… 我的心情总是不好. 清晨的雨遮住了我的窗 什么也看不到 看见的都是灰色. 但在墙上却有你的照片, 它提醒我,还不算坏, 还不算坏…… [Stan] 亲爱的Slim,我写信给你,但你仍未答复. 我把我的地址、姓名和电

the person you have called is still working overtime, 则 婆森 由 海五 扣的 意思 斯地哦 喔king(只能音译) 欧文儿太母 please recall him(her) later. 破里斯 瑞扣 海母 (河儿) 雷特儿.

against,object,revolt , resist , stand ,react , rise , rebellion show the bullhorn 表示反抗 → bullhorn rise against 起来反抗 → rise make face to 抵抗,反抗 → face react against 反抗;反对 → react buck at 强烈反对,拼命反抗 → buck bid defiance to

teenager to stand up against the popularity wave and to go his or her own way. Industry has firmly opened up a teenage market. These days every teenager can learn from newspapers and TV what a


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