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酒店客房英语对话(一) 请提供客房服务.Room service, please.请提供叫早服务.A wake-up call, please.A wake-up call at seven tomorrow morning, please. (请明天早晨7点钟叫醒我.) Certainly, ma'am. (好的.) I'd like a wake-up call, please.

W:good evening,room service,may i help you?G:i'd like to order dinner.W:certainly,sir. may i have your order please?G:i'd like some fried rice with yangzhou style,a french fried and some beer.W:certainly,sir. which kind of beer would you like?G:

A:Hello?B:Hello ,may i help you?A:yes,i'd like my breakfast in my room.B:No problem,wait a minute ,pleaseA:thank youB:my pleasure..B:(knock the door)A:come in ,pleaseB:this is your breakfast ,madamA:thank you ,please put it thereB:what else

酒店客人对ROOM SERVICE的抱怨吧,客人(以下用g代替guest.ROOM SERVICE以下用r代替)r:hello,it's room service here,what can i help you?g:hello there,i just want to say that the room is too cold to stay in.

R:Good morning!Welcome to new century Hotel ! May I help you?Y: Yes,I would like to check-in,pleaseR:OK. Do you have a reservation?Y :No.R:May I have your name ,please.Y:C: My name is CR:Thank you .What kind of room would you like?Our

room service 客房服务 例句:Entombed as her is, the playwright can count on room service to sustain the slender thread life.尽管那位剧作家已是半截入土的人了,但他仍可依靠旅馆送茶饭到住房的服务维持他那微弱的生命.Room service. May I

可以看的出来你需要的是一段关于酒店英语的日常对话,下面是我写的一段,估计可以应对任何老外的来访: 老外的名字叫JOHN,用J带替,服务小姐就叫MISS用M代替:M:hello,sir,Please follow me ,this way pleale(这是你引路给老外) 等到

room service的意思是:客房服务 service 读法 英 ['svs] 美 ['svs] n. 服务,服侍;服役;仪式 adj. 服务性的;耐用的;服现役的 vt. 维修,检修;保养 短语:service industry 服务行业 health service 公共医疗卫生服务 service center 服务

A:Good morning. Room Reservations. May I help you? A:早上好.客房预订部.我能为您做些什么? B:I'd like to reserve a room for two days. B:我想预订一个房间,住两天. A:OK. For what time? A:好.什么时间? B:For December 24th

English Drama of Hotel Management English英语话剧酒店管理英语 ServiceCounter(A:Receptionist/the waitress B:Guest)A: Good afternoon. Welcome to Qingdao Sea-view Garden Hotel. Can I help you, sir?B: Well, I'm~~~ from `````. I'd like to


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