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sB BE FAmiliAr with sth

对的,sb be familiar with sb/sth译为“某人对某人或某事(物)很熟悉” sth be familiar to sb某人熟悉某事(物)

人做主语时用with,物做主时用to i'm familiar with the computer. the computer is familiar to me. 或者sb. be familiar with sb.可以表示人的行为非常随便 be familiar to 为…所熟悉 主语是物.比如the city isn't familiar to me.我对这个城市不熟悉. things

be familiar to 为…所熟悉;被某人熟悉 be前面加sth,to后面加sb,sth be familiar to sb,例句 concepts that are familiar to our development team are quietly assumed to be familiar to everyone.仅对于开发团队熟悉的概念被无声的强加在所有人头上.be familiar with 熟悉,精通 例句 the operater must be familiar with this detail .操作者必须熟悉这一细节.注意究竟是谁熟悉谁.

adj. 熟悉的 | be familiar with sth 通晓某事物,熟悉某事物 | be on familiar terms with sb 与某人交情很好,和某人关系友好 n. 〔与女巫共居的〕妖兽,妖精

with: 对熟悉to: 被熟悉一个主动,一个被动

应该是sth be equipped with sth 这个是被动语序,某物被装备 或者是sb equip with sth 某人装备某物

sth.be familiar to sb.sb.be familiar with sth.

用于人,通常用 know sb. 或 know about sb.,很少会用 be familiar with sb 1 我和他很熟悉 / 我和他不熟悉 I know him well / I've heard about him (but I don't know him personally)2 我们很熟悉,因为我们都认识很多年了. / 都认识8年了 I know him

sb be familiar with sth 某人对某物/事熟悉sth be familiar to sb 某物/事对某人来说很熟悉


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