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sChool trip小短文

this winter holiday, i went to kunming with my family. kunming is a very beautiful city, i think. the sky is blue and the air is clean. you can see many kinds of nice flowers everywhere. the weather there is great. it′s never too hot or too cold all the year

a wanderfor schooi trip triping is my dieam.i along want to trip when i were a child.but now ,last week, under the leadership by my school,so i am very excited . teachers and my friends were very happy.teachers told us, must took some water ,bread ,

1) my last school trip is happy and unforgetable. i like it. i remember we went to lishui. we aslo climb mountain and view scenery. i took photo with my classmates and teachers. i know it was the last school trip for us. we all had a happy time. 2) i like

My Last School TripWe have been to XXX. I was excited about it and planned a lot.Unfortunatly, there was a typhoon come to XXX, We should stay at the hotel. Watching the boring TV. The planning we had planned, has been canceled.*So we had a terrible school trip.*

My School Trip Last month I went to Japan with my classmates and teachers.Going to Japan was a great experience. We went to so many different places like Shin-Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Yokohama, Tokyo, Disneyland and many more. I am

Last Friday, we had a wonderful school trip.There are lots of games there.And the most exciting game is the roller coaster.I felt very amazed when I played it.I enjoyed playing it very much.At about 11:30am, we had lunch.Then, we continued playing

School Trip We had a great time on the school trip. We went to Shanghai for vacation. We took the plane to Shanghai. That was a lot more fun than taking a bus or train.First, we visited the Oriental Pearl. It was very beautiful.Next we went to

1.Our class are going for a field trip on Sunday. We are going to hike to the top of a mountain. There, we are going to have a picnic. Many students are going to take some delicious food and prepare s

Last Sunday, my classmates and I went for a field trip. We went to the park by bike. We all wore bicycle helmets. I think it's good exercise, and it's good for our health.. I like bicycling very much. At 9 o'clock, we got to the park. We saw a lot of

Today I go to the trip with my classmates. I am happy very much .Because I milk the cow .It is fun.And I feed the chickens .There are too many chickens,I Iike playing with chicken.In afternoon we watch the soccer game .It is boring.Because I do not like

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