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thEy ArE to long改错

We learn every day for a long time and a lot of pressure. Proficients tells us to choose right ways to relax .For example, Terry likes watching TV and playing computer games and he thinks they are goo

.How long do they wash thier cars in winter every week.2.You are too young to ride a horse.3.How old were you when you went to school?4.Midori is an athlete.5.We are major for french and management.

They play soccer.【去掉 the , 球类运动前,不要冠词】


正确的是They are their shoes.they---their pron. 他们的

Are they long or short?祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*) 有不会的可以再问我:)

1.face后加with 2.passed改成passing 3.and改成or 4.去掉more 5.study改成studying 6.got改成get 7.Other改成Others 8.develop改成development 9.long改成far 10.all改成both

Are the short or long?希望能帮到你.我等着你采纳哟,不明还可以追问的,嘻嘻!

1.All these years they were contributing articles to our magazine. 2.I have drunk five cups of coffee this afternoon. 3.What were you doing before you left Oxford? 4.It's a good job.Did you done it all by yourself? 5.It's a long time since you came to see


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