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this is our nEw ClAssroom

A look 是系动词 +adj做表语

This is our classroom.否定句: This isn't our classroom.一般疑问句: Is this your classroom?肯定回答: Yes, it is.否定回答: No, it isn't.

1 is这是我们的教学楼,它很漂亮.

This classroom is ours. our是形容词性物主代词,后面要跟个名词,ours是名词性物主代词,相当于形容词性物主代词加上一个名词.

1. school, classroom 2. home, room



1. Is this your classroom? Yes, it is2. Whose books are these?3. Are they his pants? No, they aren't.4. He has a black pen.

1.This is our new classmate2. We have a new classroom3. What is in the classroom4. two lamps

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