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简单来说: 意思是, (1)依靠提供的东西维持(生活) (2)从中取衾they feed off each other这句话是说它们依靠彼此来维持生活

1. fall down 跌倒,倒塌.例句:She fell down at school today. 她今天在学校摔了一跤.2. fall over 倒在…上,fall over each other 争夺、 竞争、争先恐后.3. fall off 从…上掉下来.例句:He fell off the bike. 他从自行车上摔了下来.

参考翻译:Holden chief Mike Devereux 承认汽车公司是在处于竞争之中的各国政府之间挑拨离间.Play A off against B在A,B之间挑拨离间,使A,B之间相互竞争制衡究竟翻译成什么合适,应该取决于上下文.

fall off 从,,,掉下/跌落;减少;降低;疏远fall over 跌倒;倒下fall down 沿着(河流等)顺流而下 望采纳

stand offv.疏远, 离岸, 避开(债主或攻击者)

Life Boat - Miranda Lee RichardsOh my loveWon't you stop your crying?The sunlight's bringing rainbows to your tearsCotton swaying fieldsare the pillars of your sadness.the daylight dries the rusted leaves.You wake up, it's a dreamand it's a bright,

expected payoff期望支付; 双语例句1Figuring the expected payoff logically, one should choose lottery a the first four times and lottery B the last six.合理计算预期收益后,人们应该在前四组中选彩票A,在后六组中选彩票B.2Game theory predicts

#thatpower(feat. justin bieber)-will.i.am and on, i'm alive, i'm alive, i'm alive 哦,我重获新生,重获新生,重获新生 and on, i can fly, i can fly, i can fly 哦,我展翅高飞,展翅高飞,展翅高飞 and on, i'm alive, i'm alive, i'm alive 哦,我重获新生,重获


each other 对方 : each other [英][i:t (r][美][it r] v.(用作动词或介词的宾语)互相,彼此; 例句: 1. People play off each other. " “因为人们可以彼此启发.


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