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waste sth.on在某物某事上浪费钱财、时间等waste time(in) doing sth.浪费时间做某事

waste doing /to do/of sth. 以上三个皆可用

waste time in doing sth

应该是waste time doing sth(浪费时间在某事上)

doingit is a waste of time doing 是“浪费时间做某事”的意思,固定搭配 how long is it from the library to his home? 是对的

to do 浪费时间去做某事 用不定式


waste time in doing是浪费时间在做意思.例句 He can adopt the action according to his ability and do not waste time in doing unachievable things.他针对能力所及采取行动,而不浪费精神在无能为力的事情上.Myrtle is not one to waste time in

waste的用法:waste sth. 浪费 You're wasting your time.You waste an opportunity.be wasted 不能产生效果,未被完全领会 your jokes are wasted on him.a waste of 时间、金钱等的浪费 it's probably a waste of time.waste away 消瘦,衰弱下去 i don

中文: n. 浪费;废物;荒地;损耗;地面风化物 adj. 废弃的;多余的;荒芜的 vt. 浪费;消耗;使荒芜 vi. 浪费;变消瘦;挥霍钱财 英语中waste的部分用法如下: (1) waste sth on sth 浪费某物于某物上 Don't waste time on domestic


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