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答案d 考察连词.根据句子结构可知,该句为同位语从句,作truth的同位语,进行补充说明.从句中又包含了一个地点状语从句 句意为,我们都知道主语一个事实,那就是无论哪里有空气,水,和阳光,哪里就有生命

There exists real clear boundary between love and friendship? I don't think so. This boundary is not inherent like the private ownership system, just is forbidden to secular tradtional and moral conception. If these principles disappear, we all are

We often hear people say, who is the next magician, who is the next Michael Jordan, but never heard someone say, who is the next Iverson, because iverson only one, we all know! Misunderstanding still, the answer is forever.

as we all know,there must be a main guidance quailty with a successful company .Now lte's talk about the company's advances and weaknesses which saling comes first.Firstly,XXXX is the first and the biggest cosmetic special sale mall with a

I bruise you 我伤害你You bruise me 你伤害我We both bruise so easily 我们彼此伤害得这样轻易Too easily to let it show 轻易得难以觉察I love you, and thats all I know 我喜欢你,那是我唯一知道的东西And all my plans 我所有的计划keep falling

Are there any racial problems in china? I don't think raciel descrimination exists in China,especially in modern society,and here I will give you some reasons. As we know ,we share the same color of skin all over the country,which is different from

既然你在做这种题目,你的英文理解能力应该不会太低.而要解释这类答案,其中有一 nce when they are about 18 weeks old.”由此就可以断定主题与babies和objects有关.

illy - oh my[illy:]yeahshe gotta work out a [?]she bail on her day job 'cause they gotnew orders to wait onnew york is an [?]spent years on her plans to ditch a planone spark went inside the avalanchewhole world out there she said [?]you can tell that by


that 不能省.,它是引导的两个并列句,省得就不和下面一个there is并列了It makes people feel that there is ..and there is .It makes people feel (加that 引导宾语从句)there is no hope (exists 去掉) and there is no use of making any efforts (加 to do sth 固定搭配,要带宾语)


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