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whAt is hE Doing教案

pep五年级下册Unit 4 What are you doing? A Let's learn 教学设计 赣州市滨江二小 黄晓燕 一、教学目标: 1、能听、说、读、写动词短语的ing形式:drawing pictures,doing the dishes,cooking dinner,reading a book,answering the phone. 2

he isyou are从句用陈述语气.

剑桥少儿英语预备级(A)Unit 1 Greetings 一、Teaching aims and demands: 1)can use simple English greet others 2) can say“Good morning!” “Good afternoon “Good evening” 3) Can read the new words about letter A a 4) can speak out

一、教学目标:(一)、知识目标: 1、能过听、说、读、写动词短语和其ing 形式:drawing pictures, doing the dishes, cooking dinner, reading a book, answering the phone . 2、能过听说、认、读句型 “What are you doing?”和其回答 “I'

What is he doing?He is fishing.What does the boy do?He is a doctor.

what is he doing? he is doing..(dong泛指动词的现在分词)what does he do? he does .(does泛指动词的第三人称单数)

Unit 5 what does he do ? 教案 一、单元教学内容分析 本单元Unit5 What does he do?的教学内容是让学生掌握一些有关职业的英语表达方式并就此展开相关讨论,能够简单介绍人物e79fa5e98193e78988e69d8331333361313861职业,会询问

第一句he is reading.第二句是病句.应为what does he do?回答:he is a doctor.

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is writing问句是现在进行时,说明动作在进行,回答也用相同时态.

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