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the level of the sea may rise because of the greenhouse effect.

Regarding the Earth warming prospect,we rather believed that the wolf comes the to face evanishment before this as a result of the sea level rise the island country Tuvalu .

1 higher2 melt3 slowly4 rises5 both6 flow

This will cause the level of seas to rise.=This will lead to the level of seas rising.借鉴结构:lead to sb/one's doing sth

Greenhouse Effect,Climate Change and Global Warming1.Tell what the problem is a rise in sea level,and a wide range of impacts on plants,wildlife,and humans.When

the sea level will rise不填,will后接原形be.第一句是对的,第二句看不懂.回答一般yes和no开头,后面再说点为什么yes,为什么no

If the continental glaciers covering Greenland and Antarctica melted completely,the sea level would rise about( B )A.6m B.60m C.600m D.6000m如果格陵兰岛和南极洲所覆

sea level will raise,too.

The sea level_will rise___(rise)if the weather _gets__(get)hotterunless I _pass_(pass)the exam,I__won't leave___(not,leave)schoolyou will be_(be)safe if you wear_(wear)your seatbeltIf jennysaves(save)all her money she_could visit__( visit)

小题1:We will probably take off just one coat.小题2:On November , .小题3:Because higher temperatures will cause melting ice flow into the sea.小题4:In Doha.小题5:意对,言之有理即可.



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