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woulD likE to Do sth 造句用一般过去时

i would like cold water.

Would like to play basketball with me after class 望采纳亲

主语+would like to +动词原形+事情.即:somebody would like to do something. 例如:我想要吃一些糖:I would like to eat some candy. 他想要打篮球: He would like to play basketball. 我们想要休息一会儿:We would like to have a rest.

I would like to play basketball

would you like to come to play tonight?would you like to have a try?would you like to join us?would you like to have some tea,please?would you like to have supper?I would like to have some coffee.I would like to do some exercises.He would like to go

Would like to go to karaoke?Would like to start today?I would like to go to Egypt.Would you like to come?Would you like to eat?希望对你有帮助~

would like to do 的意思是 想要怎么样 可以这样造句 I would like to go home.我想回家 或者是I would like to have an apple 我想要一个苹果 等等 只要后边是to do 形式都行


Would you like to (do some dishes)?你可以把短语套进去

would like to do sth表示喜欢、宁愿、想要去做某事的意思; 例如:I would like to go to the park this weekend这周我想去公园


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