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cum 英 [km] 美 [km] n.精液 cumcontrol 就是射精控制.


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to view the cumulative balances of ledger accounts by period you can use TA FS10N.

The electronic economy made by information technology allows the haves to increase their control on global markets with a destructive impact on the havenots. For them the result is unsta

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edging一重要的攀岩技术 .用脚内 外侧靠边 的地方支撑 发力.和用脚掌 \"抹\"相对.(和smear对应) zone [zun] n. 地带;地区;[体]联防vi. 分成区vt. 使分成地带;环绕

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lose control of one's emotions.不能控制自己的情感.He does not lose control of his temper easily.他不轻易失去自我控制.If you lose control of your drinking,you lose control of your partying,vise versa31.如果你饮酒失去控制,你就不能控制你在聚




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